What We Do

Our purpose and conviction are to ensure the following:

1. To strive to end poverty both in Nigeria and Africa.

2. Provide quality skills training to Nigerians and Africans. We believe that vocational skills go a long way in releasing people's potentials and earn them money to escape from poverty.

3. Provide employment opportunities by partnering with firms and individuals to fund ideas that can transform into industries.

4. Provide psychological pieces of training that address change of mindsets and help reposition Nigerians and Africans on a growth pedestal. 

5. End hunger in Nigerians and Africa by partnering with eminent Nigerians and Africans to donate towards helping the vulnerable and using the proceeds to purchase and distribute food items to those who desperately need them. To also help people invest in agriculture by providing them with adequate information training on government policies that will benefit them.

6. We engage with government agencies to inform them about our work and provide them with data and credible information that will help shapen policies that address desperate situations and needs of the needy.

7. To end poverty, hunger and unemployment in Nigeria and Africa in the next ten years.

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