Terms & Conditions
  1. A CONTESTANT must be a true student (undergraduate) in any of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria or a serving or immediate passed out member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). If found out at any point that the information given are false, especially not been a student of any of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the contestant will be automatically disqualified from the contest and any award/prize will be withdrawn.
  2. CONTESTANTS must follow SAH and Project Save The Hungry Pages on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  3. A CONTESTANT must participate in all the tasks as given by the moderators.
  4. While Posting Contents on Social Media, CONTESTANTS are required to tag the handles of SAH and Project Save The Hungry. Votes and Likes will not be counted if the Contents are not tagged with SAH and PSTH.

Terms and Conditions may be modified and communicated to the CONTESTANTS and the general public in due time.



The contest for the highest likes will last for 4 months. The period of extension will not be included.

There are 16 weeks in 4 months

Every week, N30,000,000 (Thirty Million Naira) will be won by 6 students with the highest number of LIKES in any of the given tasks. 6 CONTESTANTS will win N5,000,000 (Five Million Naira) each.

Every month, we will have 24 winners from the CONTESTANTS with the highest number of LIKES. This will continue to the 4th month, which is the final month for this contest. In the 16th week, 10 CONTESTANTS with the highest number of LIKES will win 5 million each.

NOTE: A CONTESTANT is only eligible to win this category (HIGHEST NUMBER OF LIKES) once.



Out of 100,000 Students, 301 have a great chance of becoming millionaires within the next 4 months if these steps are taken:

1. Register for Students Against Hunger with a token of N1000

2. Introduce another Student to also Register for SAH

3. Engage in the various entertainment tasks as provided by the moderators.

4. Advertise your participation to your friends, relations and fans to get them LIKE and VOTE for you.

5. While Posting Contents on Social Media, Contestants are required to tag the handles of SAH and Project Save The Hungry. VOTES and LIKES will not be counted if POSTS are not tagged with SAH and PSTH.

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